Akantha active watch

Lots of brands are bringing out their very own smart watch. Well now Avon have asked with the new akantha active watch.

This new watch is available in black or pink perfect for both men and women to go with your outfit of choice. This watch has a touch screen as a silicone strap that is adjustable has rechargeable batteries that are charged using a USB.

The features of this smart watch include

  1. Counting steps
  2. Tracking calories
  3. Monitoring sleep
  4. Touch screen display
  5. Message notification
  6. Call notification

This watch can to connect to your Apple or android device using Bluetooth, connecting to an app that is available on your Apple App Store or your Google play store with the wear health app.

by Lauren Taylor

Avon Sales Leader

14 thoughts on “Akantha active watch

  1. mr jml dickinson says:

    dear sir or madam my cat has chewed my charging wire where can i get one from i have tried several mobile & retailers shops but cannot find one

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