Attraction sensation (c8)

Everybody will love a violent attraction sensation.

Why will we love it

Is traction range has scents for both men and women. Both the his and hers fragrance complimented each other. The fragrances are also created by two world-renowned perfumers I did say I’d offer you will not find on the High Street.

Who created them

This range of perfume is it was created by two world renowned perfumers Michelle Defina and Laurent ale Guernec.

“Attraction sensation for her envelops the intense aroma of floral jasmine. She invites you in with intoxicating plum. While ambertonic spices things up with an addictive power that boosts sensuality” – Laurent Le Guernec

“Attraction sensation for him uses the elevated spicy scent of black pepper to captivate. His inviting lavender oil excites while the clary sage enhances his rugged masculinity” – Michelle Defina

What are the deals ?

For Him there is

  • Avon attraction for him EDT 75ml
  • Avon attraction for him hair and body wash 200ml
  • Avon attraction for him after shave conditioner 100ml

For her there is

  • Avon attraction sensation for her EDP 50ml
  • Avon attraction sensation for her body mist 100ml
  • Avon attraction sensation for her body lotion 150ml

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