Avon and Covid-19 – 2020

So what a year 2020 has been so far amongst a lot of other tragedies to hit us this year, one of the biggest has to be the global pandemic of the Corona virus also known as Covid 19.

From march on wards, schools closed nationwide. Businesses closed their doors except for necessary ones such as hospitals, delivery drivers and supermarkets the only way other shops could stay open was online. Children weren’t aloud to see their friends and as a whole we all had to stop meeting up and socialising with our friends and families outside of our household.

For businesses that had to close a lot took the option to furlough their workers, this meant that for their workforce they could continue to get up to 80% of their wages to live on. Other companies tried to make it so their employees could work from home. As for those who were on zero hour contracts and through agencies, this meant a lot of people were left without pay and resulted to applying to the UK benefit system so that they still had an income to support their families.

So what did that mean for the sales leaders who work for Avon?

Our managers were running their meetings remotely through video calls and conferences. As for our representatives paper brochures were stopped for a short while to help reduce any risk of multi house hold contact. When brochures resumed our representatives were advised to use them as single use brochure again as a way to reduce multiple household contact too much. Through out the entire pandemic all of our customers have also been able to shop for their Avon essentials online with their representatives online stores with safe contact free delivery to their home address. Avon have also created their own brand of face masks ready for when they have become mandatory, which is amazing to be able to offer to our customers and their own hand sanitiser. If that wasn’t enough they also gave every representative a free bottle of hand sanitiser and a free face mask to make sure that all of their representatives and sales leaders are safe.

What about the sales leaders ? what about those that do Avon as their full time job?

Avon have been amazing. I do Avon full time as a sales leader around my 2 boys and honestly the company have been unbelievable. Working from home already meant that i didn’t need to worry to much as I knew i would be home where my children needed me. My sales I have made use of my online store for my customers and my instant messenger brochure to make sure that all of my customers have everything they need with contact free delivery. My team building has been better than ever too ! I use online appointing for team building and i have been able to continue to do so which is amazing so i have not had to see a reduction in my household income, and to me in this uncertain times has been a real blessing with my children. Having the flexibility to choose when I work has also been a blessing around home schooling my children. As if all this wasn’t great enough Avon have given out some fantastic bonuses and incentives over the last few months to give everybody a boost of joy which was really needed. Another bonus of being a sales leader with Avon is that i have been able to offer the opportunity to others who may have found them selves out of work as a way to earn an extra income in this uncertain last few months, the amount of recruits that we are welcoming to the team have been amazing and seen a massive increase.

Hopefully everything will go back to normal for the world eventually but one thing is for certain when I chose to do Avon full time so i could be there when my young family needed me, I don’t know if it will always be the correct choice but in this situation it was the perfect choice for us.

By Lauren Taylor

Advanced Leader with Avon Cosmetics.

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