Avon’s venture into Clean Beauty

Yesterday myself and my downline Hannah went to Avon HQ in Northampton to find out all about Avon’s adventure into clean beauty.

What is clean beauty ?

The Avon definition of clean beauty is :

Clean beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean beauty products include ingredients that are ethically sourced and made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

This will be a total lifestyle shift

As consumers are driven by sustainable goals, waste reduction becomes more evident in our day – to – day lives and in beauty.

74 % of consumers are concerned about the ingredients in their products.

54% of consumers care about waste and dislike excess packaging.

44% of all US consumers that use green products live a more active sustainable lifestyle.

What drives Eco- consumer behaviour ?

80% of consumers care about the future of our planet

79% of consumers think that we should be respectful of all living creatures and the enviroment

62% of consumers think that eco-friendly products are better for our health.

A new dawn for Avon !

The birth of distillery what will be going in to creating your products and what we will be taking out.

+ Whats in : Vegan friendly, highly concentrated, eco conscious, allergy tested, terminologically tested and chemically tested

– Whats out : animal derived ingredients, alcohol, fragrance, chemical sunscreen, essential oils and mineral oils.

This equals = : pure formulas, potent results, vegan , eco-friendly products, super concentrated ingredients.

Brand Claims !

What does Vegan mean ?

Avon defines a vegan as a person who chooses to not consume or use products that contain any animal derived ingredients, including ingredients harvested from living animals such as honey or beeswax.

Clean Break Cleanser 50 ml

Experience a power cleanse: this moisturising butter/balm melts away makeup and impurities leaving skin moisturised and soft to the touch. Pure pressed apricot oil is used for a potent 100% water-less deep clean and hydrated skin.

Key actives in this product are :
– Apricot oil
– Cocoa butter
– Mango butter
– cucumber extract

Apricot oil is naturally comparable with the natural oils in our skin. this product is also gentle enough fro use on the eyes. Another key feature about this product is that it has 3 stages – butter – oil -milk texture.

– 69% apricot oil for rich skin nourishment
– leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised
– 100% water-less formula for maximum concentration
– easily breaks down oils and waxes commonly found in makeup
– suitable for all skin types

Did you know :
Oil is one of the most effective cleansers and our transnational cleansing butter transforms as you massage, melting deep into pores to dissolve impurities without stripping the skin.
This 100% water-less formula is packed with pure pressed apricot oil to help nourish the skin and keep it looking and feeling moisturised and conditioned after just one use.

Directions to use:

1 – Apply to dry skin and massage in a circular motion to effectively remove make up and impurities including eye makeup.
2 – Rinse with warm water using a cloth or sponge

C Shot – vitamin C powder 5g

This pure, potent, 100% Vitamin C powder gives skin a brighter and more luminous glow.

Key actives :
– 100% pure and potent Vitamin C
– Antioxidants
-Water less formula to maximise the potency
– Powder is the freshest form of vitamin C available
– Dual purpose – 1- skin looks brighter and more luminous – 2 – collagen boosting properties.

– Skin is instantly brighter
– Radiance is enhanced
Helps boost collagen production

Did you know:

Vitamin C typically degrades in water so having a stabilised from that remains in potent from the first shake to the last ensures that skin is always radiant.
As a powder from onto skin it sends triggers through lower layers of epidermis where collagen is made.
one sure way to get your dose of vitamin C for skincare is by applying it directly.

Directions :
1 – tap two shakes onto your fingertips
2 – add to your favourite moisturiser
3 – top tip – mix with purify for a great skin pick me up

Purify – serum 30 ml

A potent, custom blend serum to improve the skins structure. Works to purify and instantly renew the skin.

Key actives:
– Jojoba oil
– Phytol
– Vitamin E

– 97% pure Jojoba oil for skin suppleness
– 100% water-less formula
– Packed with antioxidants
– Phytol helps renew skin

Did you know:

Phytol : This ingredient is extracted from chlorophyll – the green energy in food which has long been known as an effective dietary addition. What Avon has discovered is that it is also great for overall skin health. We are the only beauty company to have made the link and acted upon it.

1- Apply 3-5 drops to clean dry skin morning and night prior to day/night cream
– top tip : mix with shade the day doe a smoother shade the day application.

Shade the day – day cream SPF 25

This 5-in-1 mattifies, moisturises, protects, clarifies and is designed to prime your skin for makeup.

Key actives:
– mineral SPF with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide
– Vitamin E
100% plant based Glycerin
– Distilled rose extract
– 100% pure mineral Sunscreen works to reflect damaging UV rays from entering the skin.

Sleep potion – Night cream 30 ml

Drenched with 93% pure moisturising ingredients for a potent 48 hour moisture boost, our Sleep potion delivers a burst of fresh moisture to skin and helps repair the look of ageing signs, wrinkles, skin tone, discolouration and clarity.

Key Actives:
– Sodium Hyaluronate
– Glycerin
– Nicacomarnide
– Hydrpxyethyl urea
– Sodium Hyaluronate has the ability to hold more than 1000x its weight in water acting like a super reservoir in your skin
– urea – similar to an humectant
– this night cream is a cocktail of humetants which will leave your skin super moisturised meaning you will wake up to visibly softer skin.


1 – massage onto clean dry skin each night as a final step in a routine
– top tip – perfect partner when used with C Shot fir maximum benefit = overnight rejuvenation

And we were lucky enough to get a first try !!

and its amazing !!!

By Lauren Taylor

Avon Sales Leader

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