Big & Phenomenal volume mascara (c8)

It’s springtime and that means that it is time to have a Spring clean of your make up bag. All make up products have a shelflife so why not revamp your mascara with our new big and phenomenal mark mascara.

Why is the brush so special

This mascara gives you instant volume in one coat with the lash loader brush. This special brush has deep reservoirs between each bristle to hold pockets of formula loading it onto the rush. It has a flexible bristles to separate and coat lashes evenly from root to tip. And a detailing tip for controlled coverage on lower lashes.

About the mascara

Finally volume that never stops fully loaded for me to tip. The Altra blackest black formula with high purity carbon black powder for intensely dark standout impact lashes.

You can purchase this amazing mascara for just £8.50.

By Lauren taylor

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