Enjoy the smell of spring

Enjoy the smell is spring with these sales ready for your new year.

Luxury florals bubble bath

This bubble bath leaves skin delicately scented with stunning orchid, jasmine and saddle wood in a 1litre size bottle. You can purchase this for just £2.50.  SHOP HERE

Senses garden of Eden daily hand wash

This hand wash contains beautiful exotic fruits and basil with matching shower gels. You can purchase this hand wash for just £1.  SHOP HERE

The collection of apples !!

Spritz – this naturals apple and honeysuckle spritz is perfect for body, room and linens for just £1 on special offer.   SHOP HERE

Body lotion – this apple and honeysuckle body lotion maintains your sling moisture for all day hydration. You can purchase this for just £1.

Shower gel – this apple and honeysuckle shower gel give you beautiful shower fresh cleansed skin. You can purchase this for just £1.

By Lauren Taylor