True colour super shock definition mascara

9 out of 10 women reveal lashes they never knew they had with Avon’s new TrueColor super shock definition Mascara.

This new mascara is available for you to purchase in brochure 14 for just £6 as a introductory offer price and then will go up to normal brochure price of £8.50.

This new mascara has many benefits three of which are

  1. Evenly coats every lash
  2. Lasts all day and is easy to remove
  3. Clump and smudge proof

This new mascara has a clever lash Seeker brush to uncover even the tiniest of lashes and to build volume with its smart volume cream gel formula that individually coats lashes for instant definition.



by lauren taylor

Avon starter kits for new Representatives – start your business the best way :)

That’s your Avon business off to the best start with these amazing new starter kits

How can I get one of these ??

From campaign 14 2018 all new representatives that join Avon will be able to start the business in the best way By choosing one of Avon’s new starter kits.

What’s the choice ??

There is a choice of 4 starter kits to choose from. They start with the start-up kit at just £15, the essentials Kit at just £30 the advanced care it without your products at just £90 and a pro kit for those serious daughter is £165 they start with the start-up kit at just £15, the essentials Kit at £30 the advanced kit with extra products at just £90 and the pro kit for those serious starters £165.

How will it be delivered

All Avon start kits are shipped directly to the new representative with in 48 hours of the signup appointment. The starter kits will be beautifully packaged and the best part of all is that there is nothing to pay up front radiantly as the kits are put on a 13 day invoice so if you’re not fully happy with the kit you have chosen then you can return it within its entirety.

Are there any extra bonuses?

For an extra added bury this you will get your online store available free will you answer exclusive clothing when you joyed my team. Also feel representative exclusivity joyed my Avon team I will be sending out a little start-up gift for you to make sure you have all the tools you need for successful Avon business.

So what are in the starter kits ?

The startup kit –

The start-up kit includes your choice of sales tools and is only £15 – and again this kit is put on a 30 day invoice so there is no cost upfront so you have the choice to return your kit if you’re not happy

The essentials kit –

Do you essentials Kit includes products worth £90 includes 8 products, 30 samples, branded shopping bag and a choice of sales tools and it is only £30 – and again this kit is put on a 30 day invoice so there is no cost upfront so you have the choice to return your kit if you’re not happy

The advanced kit –

The advanced kit worth £270 includes 30 products 75 samples, a branded business bag, and a choice of sales tools on this account is only £90- and again this kit is put on a 30 day invoice so there is no cost upfront so you have the choice to return your kit if you’re not happy

The pro kit –

The pro kit worth over £500 for those serious Avon Representative Business builders includes 53 products, 75 samples, branded business bag, and a choice of sales tools for only £165 – and again this kit is put on a 30 day invoice so there is no cost upfront so you have the choice to return your kit if you’re not happy

And for a exclusive bonus just for those joining the makeup box reps team !!

As an exclusive offer fathers joining my make up box Reps Avon team

– exclusive email training

– a start up gift from me for your business

– full training given

– a dedicated Facebook group and updates

How to join

To join my team please complete the contact form with your details and a member of my team will be in touch as soon as possible to get your started if you have some ID ready we can get you set up quick and easily with a short video call and hope you’re very successful Avon business

By Lauren Taylor

Anew no more sun spots

We all want an even skintone with no discolouration is and dark spots this is how you can have that using these products.

Dark spot targeted treatment serum

This anew dark spot targeted treatment Serum helps to correct specific problem areas in a 15ml Tube you can purchase this for just £15.

Multispot correcting serum

This product helps to even out overall discolouration and target dark patches and blemishes over your skin you can purchase this new product in a 30 mL size for just £16 as special brochure price during campaign 13 and then for regular brochure price of just £25.

Advanced resurfacing peel

This product helps with uneven skin tone to refine and redo your skins surface. You can buy this product in packets containing 30 pads for just £15

Dark circle corrector

This product helps hide your dark circles and brighten under eye shadows you can purchase this in a 15ml tube for just £12 for special brochure price then for original brochure cost of just £20

Even texture and tone cream SPF35

This anew product helps prevent sunspots and colour discolouration is whilst helping protect your scan from future imperfections. In just seven days your skin looks more radiant and with a more visibly even skintone you can purchase this cream in a 30 minute later talk for just at £12 at a special brochure price then at Normal brochure cost of £20

Shop now at –

By Lauren Taylor

Anew clean melting balm cleanser

For a deep cleansing and a luxurious spa like experience try anew clean melting balm cleanser for all ages. This cleanser is enriched with a luxurious tropical butter complex (mango, Shea butter, cocoa butter).

How to use

1 – massage – rub the balm your hands to transform into and oil and massage over your face and neck

2 – add water – Add water to transform their own into a milky lotion

3 – remove – remove using a muslin cloth using the circular motion

Popular questions

What is it?

This product is a luxurious highly effective and beautifully delicate cleanser.

What does it do?

It cleanses the skin of oil and make up even waterproof mascara. With prep 3x Technology it also reinforces your skins Protectaid moisture barrier and preps skin for moisturisers and treatment.

Who is it for?

This product is perfect for all skin types, It’s great for customers who may already be using premium products and want a spa like experience that leaves the skin cleansed polished and beautiful.

Shop now at –

By Lauren Taylor

Bigger sizes for summer shopping

We all love a good bargain, well now Avon are bringing you your bath and shower favourites for body and hair in bonus sizes perfect for your summer holidays

Shower creme –

Find your perfect shower companion in the bigger 500ml sizes from the choices of

kir royale

fruity margarita








Caribbean colada

For just £2 in brochure 13

Or choose the – active cleanse shower gel for just £1.50

Bubble bath

Drift away in summer bliss with our 1 litre bottle of raspberry and cassis bubble bath for just £2.25

Care for your hair

You may enjoy sweet and simple natural 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner naturals and aloe in the new bigger 700ml size for just £2.75

Or advanced techniques with our colour correction shampoo and conditioner for just £3.50 each for blonde and highlighted hair

Shop now at –

By Lauren Taylor