Tattoo liquid eyeliner

We all know how hard it is to create the perfect cat eye look . Avon have now brought out a product that helps you with that, the new tattoo eyeliner that has a liquid pen eyeliner at one end and a corrector at the other end for any mistakes.

This new liquid tattoo eyeliner is part of the mark tattoo make up range. This eyeliner comes in five liquid shades.

  • A blue eyeliner in the shade get inked
  • A black eyeliner in the shade gaze for days
  • A green eyeliner in the shade endlessly vivid
  • A brown eyeliner in the shade perpetual point
  • A purple eyeliner in the shade forever fierce

This eyeliner is here to save you from your cats I struggles. You can create using the precision tip to create your lines and not worry about any mistakes. You can also use the corrector tip to correct any lines and sharpen your cats eye flick by cleaning up any mistakes and smudges.

Make sure you clean the corrector tip after each use as to not mix your colours.

You can purchase this product in brochure 4 the normal price will be £9 but you can purchase this on special introductory offer of just £6 for the mark whip into shape tattoo eyeliner.

By Lauren Taylor