brow tattoo micro styler

I find it very hard to get my eyebrows to look perfectly natural when I’ve shaded them in. Its also very hard to find eyebrow products that match the colour of your natural brow, however Avon have now brought out a solution which I think is amazing.

Avon have now brought out a mark. brow tattoo micro styler this comes in three shades of blonde, light brown and medium brown.

This product gives you precision brows with staying power for a full and feathered lock that looks completely natural.

Our clever triple blade micro- tip mimics tiny hair strokes so you can simply follow the direction of the brow for a gorgeous natural look.

Micro blading is semi-permanent tattoo tattooing that creates a fuller natural looking brow. The good news is that you can now get this gorgeous look with out the pain or the price tag with that new Bro tattoo micro styler.

The tattoo like tint that mimics tiny hair strokes of a natural brow will be £9 in the brochures however there is a special introductory offer during brochure 18 where you can purchase this amazing product for just £6.50


by Lauren Taylor

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