Get Long Volumised Lashes WITHOUT extentions !!!!!

We all love out lashes looking long and volumised. Everyone is always searching the market for the perfect mascara to give you that look or fake eyelash extensions to help you create the perfect volume and length. Avon now have the answer to all your lash questions with our new mascara !


This is Avon’s first ever elasto stretch mascara for lashes so long and volumised that it will make you look at feel like you are wearing extensions without the hassle with out Mark. big & extreme mascara.


how does it work

Here is how this magic mascara works. The elasto-stretch formula in this mascara gives you 2x the length of a regular mascara to help give extreme length and volume that thickens and extends lashes past their natural tips. Plus this mascara comes with a lash extender brush with long ans short bristles to coat even the tiniest of lashes.



How much is this going to cost me

Salon lash extentions cost around £60 or more!! why waste that money when you can buy this amazing mascara that does the same job many times over for only £6 !! 

Skip the salon and save on average of £54 !  now thats smarter beauty.


by Lauren Taylor