Avon home

Everybody has their style. Everybody has their own like that dislikes. Everybody has the own favourite colour. We each want to decorate our own homes in a way that suits our personalities, our own personal style, with Avon we give you the freedom to allow your personality you decorate your home accessories around the house.

Smells and scents

Avon offer a wide range of products to help you with your home the style and feel that you would like to embrace in your house. Avon off at a very popular range of spritzes that have very different uses for example, room fragrance or for use on furniture. Also brought out a range of scented candles and reed diffuses to give your home a welcoming atmosphere.


Avon have introduced a range of storage solutions that helps turn chaos into calm, to help hide that unsightly clutter and make your home organised and tidy. Avon have a range of storage solutions from draw organisers to help keep everything in its correct place. In this range Avon also have mix and match storage cubes to help tidy up your messy shelves and magazine boxes for your personal collections around the house.

Decluttering tips:

For tips on how to do clutter your house ask yourself these questions!

– Have i used it in the last year?

– is it beautiful or useful?

– do I already have something similar?

Declutter – organise – store !



We all notes take from time to time, We remember something last minute, we need to add an item to the shopping list and think we will forget later. We all end up with pieces of paper and half filled the notebooks dotted around the house. It is time for this to end and for you to get organised! Avon have brought out a weekly goals Planner and a sticky note memo pad to keep all your plans and thoughts in one place.