Introducing our matte lip powder pen

Exclusively coming to Avon in campaign 11 – 2019 Is the first matte powder lip pen.

This is Avon’s first creamy matte powder lip pen .

“Oh wow! This is so lightweight when I put it on its so soft! It feels weightless almost like I’m not wearing anything. You can put it on lightly for the day and then build up a deeper shade for a deeper colour for the evening.

It really has the look of a lip stain without being dry. ” — GRANNIE

This mark product is the matte perfection you have been waiting for that is light as a feather and as fierce as you can be .

It can be bold to fill lips with highly pigmented colour. Light to feel as light as a feather like a second skin. precise and ness free precision with a cushioned tip for controlled application.

This will be available in 8 fierce shades in brochure 11 – 2019

“I haven’t seen anything like this on the market. It’s so exciting and I just love the bright colours! I’ll be buying the whole collection and posting photos of me wearing the different shades on social media” – GRAANNIE



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