It’s time to up your cleansing game (c8)

It’s time to up your cleansing game.

How do I do that ??

I’ll electric vibrating silicone for cleanser is the perfect tool to make the most of your cleanser.

It has three different surfaces that you can choose from to choose your intensity. This tools ergonomic waterproof design that makes it perfect for everyday use and it charges simply with a USB port. For just £15 at special brochure price then at £20.

You can use this with any gel cleanser. However it is advised to be used with the new purifying gel cleanser which you can purchase for special brochure price of £4 and then as normal brochure price of £6.50. This refreshing gel cleanser has a formula with vitamin E for a deeply cleansing healthy glow.

What are the steps

  1. Step one is mass Sarge the gel cleanser into wet skin.
  2. Switch on the electric for cleanser and massage over skirting in a circular motion before rinsing

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