Match up with Mary poppins

Everybody loves the story of Mary Poppins young and old. Well here is some perfect Mary Poppins pyjamas for the family.

Mary Poppins children’s pyjamas range from age 5 to 10 for a brochure price of £11.95 with a beautiful picture and printed with Mary Poppins catchphrase practically perfect in every way.

Mary Poppins adult pyjamas are available in size 6 to 20 they will have a special introductory offer price of £18 and then will be £24 at brochure price these pyjamas match the children set.

In adult sizes you can also buy slippers to match ranging from shoes size 3 to size 8 for a introductory offer of £14 and then would normally be full price at £18.

By Lauren Taylor

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