Avons Eve Perfume Collection


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Avon have started a collection of per fumes with the celebrity Eva Mendez endorsing them. This selection of perfume is called the EVE collection. So far there is the eve duet dual perfume, perfect to make your own signature scent. There is also the eve discovery collection which is a set of three separate perfumes to suit every occasion.

Eve duet

Eve duet is our our first Dual ended fragrance that Avon have introduced to their customer market. The benefit of it being too lovely fragrance is that customers can mix both have to make their own do you unique perfume fragrance. Additionally customers can choose to wear the fragrances separately if they do not wish to make their own unique blend.

There is two fragrances in this perfume sensual and radiant. Eve duet sensual has fragrances from pink pepper, waterlily and patchouly. Eve duet radiance has fragrances of clementine, water Lilly and sandalwood.

Both of the fragrances in this Perfume also have their own unique body lotion to match for your perfect evening combination.

Eve discovery collection

This beautiful selection of perfume is endorsed by Eva Mendez, the same as the eve duo perfume was in previous brochures which was a massive hit with ladies everywhere. This

collection is a set of three separate Perfumes.

The first in this collection is a Avons eve elegance in the discovery collection. This perfume has sense of pomegranate Jasmine petals and amber wood for a truly Elegant scent.

The second perfume in this lovely collection is eve alluring which is a very seductive fragrance perfect for any lovely day that you have planned for your Mum to make her feel special. This perfume has scents of pink plum, neroli and Sandalwood.

The third add final fragrance in this Collection is our eve confidence. This perfume will let your bum feel like she can conquer the world. This perfume called us with scents of blackcurrant, frangipani and oakwood.



by lauren taylor

independant avon sales leader