Say hello to olly the owl

Owls are a favourite for adults and children alike – say hello to Olly the owl, your new best friend. Lets see whats in store for Olly.

” oh this collection is so cute! kids (and big kids) will love the talking owl and the sofa tidy is perfect for me because i’m always loosing the TV remote’

Olly the talk back owl

The talking back, glowing owl and your kids new best friend. Press the wing to record your voice and hear Olly talk back.  You can purchase this in brochure 16 for just £13.95.

Oliver the owl mug

This ceramic & stone mug will close its eyes when it fills with a hot drink and is adorably cute with its winter scarf. you can purchase this in brochure 16 for just £8.

Oliver the sofa tidy

This owl shaped sofa tidy has 3 pockets to hold separate remotes to ensure you never loose them again and is also lovely and snugly. You can purchase this in brochure 16 for just £12.

Oliver the owl mini hand warmer

you can heat this mini hand warmer in the microwave to keep your hands warm in the cold Autum weather. You can purchase this in brochure 16 for just £6.

by Lauren Taylor


Avon’s children’s range

When you think of Avon you think of make up and skincare. When it reality we also much more,we down to mens products, fashion, home care and also children. So when you are wondering what to buy as a gift why not take a look inside your Avon brochure at our wide range of children’s products.


Avon produces a large range of children’s fashion rather sleepwear two day where. They produce products in the latest trends for children such as frozen and unicorns for the girls, and to Star Wars and minions for the boys as well as many others. Take a look at our exclusive range of clothes and pyjamas as well as shoes for children.

Styling rooms

As children also like to decorate add personalise their rooms I have private space we offer a range of room decoration for childrens rooms. For example we have inflatable chairs and lights for your little ones to find their own comfort in their little havens.


From time to time we know that children get bored so we have thought of that too. We have a large range of children’s accessories such as stylish headphones. We have also got amazing items you can use for gifts such as our range of board games and craft activities that are great to keep your little ones preoccupied during the school holidays


by lauren taylor

independent sales leader

Avon’s Campaign 6 – best buys product showcase

It’s time for our sneaky look into the Campaign 6 Avon brochure 2018. We have had a fantastic year so far with some amazing sales and new products to offer you – here.

Mark. new epic lipstick

This new EPIC lipstick contains a built in primer for a smooth, even and long lasting look, effortless colour that lasts in one sweep. With packed pigment shades, the colour you see is the colour you will get to complete your look. This lipstick has a flawless airbrushed finish that glides on to give your lips a smooth non-cakey look.  It also contains built in moisture to give you a silky feel application. All for just £5.50.

tabitha webb set

This lovely Tabitha Webb set includes a designer print cosmetics bag with an exclusive zebra print. Also included in this beautiful set is 3 loved favourites. A true colour BB 7-in-1 nail enamel 10ml in perfect pink. There is an Anew anti-ageing 3-in-1 cleansing water 50ml, also a Little Black Dress purse spray 10ml. This is worth £41.50 but you can purchase it in brochure 6 for just £12.50.

Coveted jacket

This collection of unique, limited-edition pieces exclusive to Avon. This beautiful jacket is perfect for any occasion to be dressed up or down to suit your outfit as seen on fashion blogger Ashley Wilson. This jacket is on sale for £39.95.

freya plum watch

I think this watch is amazing. Purple is making appearances on the catwalk everywhere at the minuet, adding a pop of purple can really lift your look. Accessories are a great way to add those splashes of colour like this gorgeous watch. This watch has a quartz run, adjustable strap and clear stone details. You can purchase this for just £18.00.


by Lauren Taylor

Independent sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics

Winter Skin Care


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Whats your skincare routine ….. be honest. Some people have strict routines, some people use the occasional moisturiser and some have none at all. Well here is how you can keep your skin protected in this harsh winter weather.

Remember to always cleanse, with the harsh weather blowing onto your skin so does all the other particles in the air, make sure that you remember to wash that old makeup off and cleanse your skin of all of that unwanted build up of makeup and dirt leaving you with radiant skin. This also stops your pores getting blocked and avoids any unwanted breakout.  Avon’s nutraeffects cleansing collection is naturally effective, with active seed complex which is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive skin types. It gently removes dirt, oil, impurities and makeup. This product also has a non-drying formula so it is suitable for use on eyes, face, lips and its quick and easy to use. Purchase yours here.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise … with winters harsh weather its going to make your skin dry so you need to make sure that you have your moisturisers to hand to keep your skin subtle and fresh. My favourite for this type of weather from Avon is the Cocoa Butter range this indulgent moisturiser leaves skin soft and smooth and is perfect for dry skin with cocoa butter and  vitamin-E. This range has it all there is a body lotion, hand cream, face cream and even a lip balm to help for those cold chapped lips.  Shop for yours here. 


By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics