christmas lights

It’s that time of year again this year it’s Avon’s brightest Christmas let’s have a look at what sparkly things Avon has for you.

Christmas reindeer with slowball message

This Christmas Avon have brought you Ronnie the singing and dancing reindeer. You will see their faces lights up with Ronnie the reindeer with his magical snow globe. This reindeer sings Merry Christmas everyone add his snow globe rotates to create a pretty snowfall for you and has a magic secret message.

You can purchase this reindeer for just £16 available for this Christmas only just press to activate

“I love Ronnie! He’s so cute! Just perfect for the family as their faces will light up just seeing him it will be magical”

Christmas scene tea light holder

This red metal Christmas tea light holder can hold 3 tea lights and is approximately 30.2 cm x 7 cm x 12cm. This is a beautiful addition to any Christmas see you can purchase this from brochure 18 for just £10.

Penguin tea light holder

These ceramic penguin LED candles with either red or blue scarfs are used with LED lights you can order them separately or you can order a set of two for just £4.95 each in the brochure 18 for the perfect Christmassy touch.


by Lauren Taylor

Nutra effects oil-infused micellar water

This all new oil-infused micellar water is our new formula that nourishes and cleanses to give you beautiful looking skin.

What do reviews say

99% of women agree that it removes their makeup quickly and easily.

“I’ve just started using micellers water as part of my daily routine and I love it ! I’m excited to try the oil-infused formula and see how it works in comparison to a similar high street product ”

How do you use it

Step 1 – shake to activate and apply to a cotton pad

Step 2 – press on to face and gently sweep makeup away

Is it for all skin types

This product has been tested and is

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free of dyes and parabens
  • And allergy tested

By Lauren Taylor

Vacuum Fresh Food

We all want to reduce our food waste and save those all important pennies, especially if you have children and know how much waste can come around. This product is perfect for those who love to prep meals and save waste when there is left overs.

what is this product ? … it sounds amazing

Avon have introduced the vacuum storage boxes in brochure 15. With this product you can seal in freshness so food will last you even longer. It comes in a set of 3, large/medium/small so that you can choose the size to suit your needs.

It works by attaching the plunger to the sealed lid to extract the excess air  and help you prolong the freshness of your meal.


by lauren taylor

My avon story and my first year

Everyone has their own story and a reason for doing the things that they love and some things that they don’t . I love my Avon life and this is why i do it …

To understand my why first you need to understand my story. When I was 16 i found myself pregnant and living by my self in a YMCA. In 2011 i had my first son Jackson, from then i went into rented housing that never lasted longer than 6 months. I was in a bad relationship and not a great situation. Then in 2012 i got my self out of the bad relationship which was the best for me and my son but by the end of it left me with a lot of solicitor debt with court cases lasting up till 2016.  In 2013 more stable and with my fiance we had my second son Nick.

At this point i started looking at more jobs that fit around my children better as with a working partner and two young children set hours aren’t always the best way forward. I received a message at the start of 2014 from Zoe my amazing upline. She came over and signed me up as home visits were what was required then none of the video calls we can do now.  I managed to last with Avon a year but then had to give it up unfortunately as with solicitors still going on, all appointments having to be home visits and the face that there was no online store so all customers were needing to be hand delivered wasn’t always convenient around my two children. However over this year with Avon it helped to pay for my wedding day.


A few years down the line in June 2017 I was back and ready to take the Avon world by storm. I messaged Zoe’s Facebook page, as i had promised her that when i came back i would join her team again. She’s an amazing upline and friend, i couldn’t ask for better.  So anyways, Zoe popped on a video call the day before she jetted off on a family holiday and signed me up.

Straight away i tagged my self and started appointing a team of my own with in the first week. So off i went over my first few months getting customers both online and offline through family and friends , word of mouth and social media. As well as boxing up starter kit after starter kit to send out to all my lovely new team members.

As the year has progressed and my team has got bigger so have Avon. I no longer have to pack up starter kit after starter kit as Avon now let new reps choose their own and send them out for me, all my appointments i can do by video call and if i choose to i can have all my customers online so it makes it so easy to fit around my family life.

During the first year i hit almost every target on the fast start program and it has made such a difference to my life its great it really is.

I have been to some amazing Avon events most recently Avon’s conference which was filled with recognition, upcoming treats and incentives and so much more. It was also a great time to network and meet like minded people.

This has been the best year ever and i hope for many more to come.


by Lauren Taylor

Must Have Flawless Magix Look

Let me show you how to get that flawless complexion that we all want, to hide all our imperfections, redness and dark spots and make out makeup look perfect. Well here is how with Avon’s new product – Mark. Magix On The Go Primer.

So how does this product work ?

There’s no need to try different samples and shades any more as this shades are universal and work on all skin tones – plus its the perfect size fro your handbag for those sneaky little touch up moments for unexpected occasions.

This Mark. Magix On The Go Primer helps to blur your imperfections and banishes shine to make you photo ready for any occasion. Also this primer helps to hide pores, fine lines and wrinkles whist working perfectly alone or with your chosen foundation.

by lauren taylor