Anew Ultimate Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

Avon have already brought to you the infinite effects night duo cream and you all loved it .. now take a look at the new and improved ultimate infinite effects night cream.

The science part

Introducing the ultimate anti-ageing night cream and here’s the secrets. Just retinol as an anti ageing product slows results overtime, however with ultimate infinite effects results continue to improve week after week.

week by week magic

This night cream is rotational just like the previous infinite effects in the anew collection. Week 1  you apply 2-3 pumps of treatment cream 1 for 7 nights. Treatment cream 1 contains glycolic acid to help resurface, nourish and prepare your skin for weeks 2.  During week 2 you switch to treatment cream 2 and use 2-3 pumps of treatment cream 2 for 7 nights. Treatment cream 2 contains retinol to firm skin and smooth deep wrinkles. Then just keep going week after week for continuous results.

what do the reviews say !!!

93% of women agreed that it transformed the look of their skin to give them their ultimate in anti ageing treatments. This product has been proven to help with deep wrinkles, crows feet, firmness, sagging and skin texture.


Happy Easter

It is that time where kids want to eat lots of chocolate and the parents cant wait for the children would go back to school by the end. With days out and trips to the park and of course who could forget the Easter egg hunt.

How do you make your Easter special ?

When somebody says Easter to you what do you first think of ??

The Easter bunny

When I think of Easter my first thought is chocolate. My second thought is of course the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt. Is that especially for children in spray and they can I’ll go to the park and play with their friends and of course they still believe in the Easter Bunny. Well why not get your very own Easter Bunny called buttercup from avon and use him to help you give clues to children’s Easter egg hunts.

A splash of colour

As Easter is is free that means it is all about colour so why not try a new colour for yourself with our new epic lipsticks that are the perfect addition to any outfit with build and primer for smooth and even a longer lasting colour. This new lipstick comes in 20+ different shades to match any outfit. This lipstick also comes with a free gift sets if you make two purchases of selected pages in Avon brochure six. The free gift consists of a gel shine nail enamel, a true colour eyeshadow duo and a glimmerstick eyeliner.

Let’s refresh how you dress

Spring is the perfect time for clothes shopping to get rid of those thick winter jumpers and put something a bit more versatile for the lovely spring weather into your wardrobe. We have some lovely coveted ripped jeans they are On trend and super comfortable for the rock chick look with studs around the jeans pocket. These lovely jeans match perfectly with our new coveted top, this blouse is very versatile with cut out detailing and a very lightweight material which makes it perfect for spring or summer.

The scent of spring

Don’t forget to accessorise in spring with the eve Collection of perfumes that are perfect for any occasion and purchased exclusively from Avon.


by lauren taylor

avon sales leader

Jeans style

Denim is fabulous and can be used for any occasion. Now Avon have brought out their own denim range to help you to find your fit for your perfect outfit. Take a look to find the perfect jeans for your body shape.To find the perfect size and shape jeans and leggings can be hard, so Avon have brought out their own range that will change your life.

Jeanetic jeans – straight

The jeanetic jeans come in three colours black(noir) – blue(azure) and white(oyster) they have the look of Jesus with the comfort of joggers. Using denim hybrid technology. The materials are interwoven with elastane for stretch, they contain up to 90% cotton four added softness and the jeans have double sided seems for added strength making them some of the best use of the market.

Body illusions bootcut jeans

These body illusions boot cut jeans help to tuck in the winter tum to have you looking fabulous. They come with wonder sculpt technology and go all the way up to a size 24. These jeans are cotton rich with added stretch for a better product. For a style tip this style of jeans goes perfect with heels for a slender leg lengthening look.


These skinny Zeggings are a perfect choice for your wardrobe with bottom lifting control and waist control to help you tuck in all the areas you want to. These have a lovely design with a side zip and a mock fly and pockets. Coming in both black and indigo there is a choice to match any outfit



we all love a good set of jeggings. Avon have now introduced a lovey set of jeggings with wonder sculpt technology to lift and smooth your bum tum and thighs. These can match any outfit with either our basic jeggings or our crystal basic jeggings with ankle glitz detail.


by Lauren Taylor

In-dependant Sales Leader


Avon’s campaign 7 2018 showcase … WOW

It’s that time again Avon have brought out a new brochure for campaign seven. This new brochure is packed full of amazing offers and deals.

Smarter beauty

This new brochure shows you how Avon can be the smarter beauty choice. Avon have discovered that through each stage of your make up routine the products could be cheaper when purchasing through Avon compared to other retailers.

For your face foundation and concealer mac charge roughly £45 where as with Avon for the same products, our cream concealer costs just 7 pounds at full brochure price and our loose powder foundation is only £10.50 at full brochure price.

For your gorgeous eye make up palette Mac charge again around £45 for a mixed eyeshadow palette however with Avon for a mixed eyeshadow palette in our true caller quad which clubs in a variety of shades this is only 5 pounds at full brochure price.

To finish off your eye lock with eyeliner and mascara Avon also beat MAC as they charge roughly £34 for their products where as for Avon our true caller wide awake mascara is only £8.50 as full brochure price and our glimmer stick is our only 6 pounds out for a brochure price.

As for the final stage of your make up preparation Mac charge roughly £32 for a lipstick and lip pencil. However yet again Avon cant beat that cost as for a true colour live a stick lipliner at four brochure price it’s only costs 6 pounds, and our true colour lipstick is at full brochure price are only £7.50.So next time you go make up shopping take a look at the cost of your products and consider the smarter cheaper beauty option for the same quality product.

The mermaid manicure

We are all always looking for the perfect nail colour. In line with our smarter beauty theme Avon have also found the smarter beauty choice for your manicure. For gel nails done a nail salon this usually costs around £20-£30 however with a bar gel nail enamel you can get a gel shine look for at full brochure price of just 7 pounds however in the brochures seven this is are there any special offer of just 3 pounds. The benefits of our gel shine nail enamel include a smoothing base coat, it protects your nails, each nail enamel has full impact of colour with a high shine topcoat. Are the benefits of using our gel shine nail enamel is that it strengthens your nails and is damage free whilst no longer needing to use a harmful UV lamp. As well as the current gel shine nail enamel products that Avon already so Avon have brought out nine new holographic styles for the perfect mermaid manicure this is the trend that is now sweeping the nation.

The boyfriend watch

For the perfect accessory this Sprague Avon have brought out a new product the Mahler boyfriend watch which is available in rose gold and silver to suit any outfit. This watch has three decorative sub dials, it follows the current high fashion trends available in rose gold or a classic silver tone. This watch also has an adjustable strap to fit any size wrist and a quartz movement. This watch is available at full brochure price of £30 with our ask style brand.

Lipsy perfume

Another new product for brochure seven Is a new Lipsey perfume. This is a very exciting Édition to our Avon a collection as this is the first perfume that we have sold that is also available on the High Street from all the retail sellers however Avon do you still offer this product for the best price. This perfume is phone, confidence and to terminate it has a floral and fruity said it will be an introductory offer it a brochure seven for just £12 and after that at full brochure price of just £18. This beats our retail competitors that also sell this product of the High Street by at least a third of the high Street cost.

Aromatherapy diffuser

In Brochure seven Avon offer a three in one aromatherapy diffuser and mood light. These bird lights are fantastic for helping set a calm atmosphere. The benefits of this diffuser are fantastic as it emits a gentle fragrance mist by your choice of essential oils that you can add for a tailored scent to suit you, this will help to uplift even the largest if rooms. This diffuser also has a timer function so you can set it to suit you it also has a auto shut off. On top of these great qualities this aromatherapy diffuser is also a mood light with soft colours of purple green and orange for a calming atmosphere.


by lauren taylor

independent sales leader

Prep and set for your perfect look !!!

When we go out whether it to work, dinner , socially or are a fun party night-out We all want to look at our best and keep our make up looking perfect. With these products from Avon you can have it now keep your make up looking photo perfect every time.

Prep and set spray

The prep adverse set spray from Avon is perfect for all day use. Lock in your lock with our invisible best that sets make up in the place all day just like magic. Use this product before applying make up to prep your skin then use it after you have applied your make up to set your look for the day or night. This prep add to set spray gives you a make up look that says port with a daughter sticky formula for a bargain price with Avon at full price this only costs 6 pounds per bottle.


Face primer

It is prime time to get your hands on magix make up staying power with Avon. Our face primer creates a lasting impression with up to 10 hours of shine free perfection. This product has received five star reviews from our many customers. This is a velvety colour less primer that sits perfectly order or over make up. This product blurs fine lines and pores for an airbrush finish and Mattifies combination and oily skin,making it the perfect Primer for your make up collection.

Setting powder

For a photo ready airbrush style finish you can set your make up like a price and create your own HD look with our colourless, suits all finishing powder. This powder blurs out imperfections flawlessly as well as shine and it also makes pores and fine lines disappear.

By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader