Avon’s Ask Brand

As you will have seen if you have taken a look through your Avon book recently,  Avon is so much more than makeup and bath products now a days. One of the most popular new Avon ranges is our new ASK brand, made up of Avon’s internal exclusive clothing range, full of diversity to suit everyone and every occasion.

Casa Di Rosa

This exclusive collection is made up of luxury fashion accessories that have been inspired by the design ans style of Italy. This collection has some lovely hand bags that can be customised for all occasions. Beautiful and hand finished.

Dream More

This is the nightwear collection exclusive to Avon. The designs on these lovely pyjamas are completed with unique prints and gorgeous designs.  They are designed for a super comfortable fit whilst still being super flattering, made from a high quality cotton content that you’ll love to snuggle up in.

Tabitha Webb

Tabitha Webb has been designed exclusively for Avon, by the acclaimed British fashion designer, worn by famous celebrities for example – Holly Willioughby and Pippa Middleton.

And so many more fantastic items created by these brilliant designers and more so take a look through my online store to take a look at these amazing products.

Avon’s Campaign 6 – best buys product showcase

It’s time for our sneaky look into the Campaign 6 Avon brochure 2018. We have had a fantastic year so far with some amazing sales and new products to offer you – here.

Mark. new epic lipstick

This new EPIC lipstick contains a built in primer for a smooth, even and long lasting look, effortless colour that lasts in one sweep. With packed pigment shades, the colour you see is the colour you will get to complete your look. This lipstick has a flawless airbrushed finish that glides on to give your lips a smooth non-cakey look.  It also contains built in moisture to give you a silky feel application. All for just £5.50.

tabitha webb set

This lovely Tabitha Webb set includes a designer print cosmetics bag with an exclusive zebra print. Also included in this beautiful set is 3 loved favourites. A true colour BB 7-in-1 nail enamel 10ml in perfect pink. There is an Anew anti-ageing 3-in-1 cleansing water 50ml, also a Little Black Dress purse spray 10ml. This is worth £41.50 but you can purchase it in brochure 6 for just £12.50.

Coveted jacket

This collection of unique, limited-edition pieces exclusive to Avon. This beautiful jacket is perfect for any occasion to be dressed up or down to suit your outfit as seen on fashion blogger Ashley Wilson. This jacket is on sale for £39.95.

freya plum watch

I think this watch is amazing. Purple is making appearances on the catwalk everywhere at the minuet, adding a pop of purple can really lift your look. Accessories are a great way to add those splashes of colour like this gorgeous watch. This watch has a quartz run, adjustable strap and clear stone details. You can purchase this for just £18.00.


by Lauren Taylor

Independent sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics

Mark. Liquid lip lacquer


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Everybody wants a lipstick that lasts for hours. One that you don’t have to touch up every five minutes or every time you have a coffee. Well here is your answer in Avon do Mark range with our liquid lip lacquer. This comes in three different types and it’s called Shine, shimmer and matte.


The lip lacquer

The benefits of choosing to use our new mark liquid lip lacquer are many.This new lip lacquer gives you lipstick light colour, stain like staying power and gloss like moisture. This lip lacquer is pigment packed for colour that lasts for hours. It never bleeds leaving your lips looking sculpted and defined and it gives hour lips an instant moisture boost.


Must have matte

This lip lacquer comes in 12 matte shades giving you the perfect selection of colours to choose from to match your mood and your outfit. Our must have matte lip lacquer lasts for hours, feels like creamy velvet on tour lips for sculpted perfection that never feathers or bleeds. This product has magnet lock technology to lock in colour pigment to give you the perfect pout.

Mark gives you more :-

– a comfortable full coverage matte finish

– pigment packed colour that lasts for hours

– lips that look sculpted and defined

Full on shine

Upgrade your lip colour to full on shine with our 12 shine shades to choose from in our mark lip lacquer range. This product helps to sculpt and saturate your lips to leave a lasting shine Finnish that never feathers or bleeds. This lip lacquer also has magnet Lock technology to lock in pigment for that perfect shine.

Mark gives you more –

– non-sticky, full coverage shine Finnish

– pigment packed colour that lasts for hours

– lips that look sculpted and defined

Matte shimmer

This range has now brought out something new. Our new matte shimmer range perfect for a night out. This comes in three shades to match your mood and outfit. This lip lacquer lasts for hours, it doesn’t bleed. This product has a precision brush for expert looking definition in just one sweep. Also this lip lacquer gives instant moisture to your lips for lip quenching colour that feels silky smooth. This lip lacquer also contains magnet lock technology to lock in pigment for the perfect shade for your night out.

by Lauren Taylor

Sales Leader with Avon

Hair Types and products

There is just so many types ans styles of hair, long , short, straight, wavy, dry or oily. With all of these different hair types we all need different products to compliment our style, and Avon has something for everybody and all hair types in my online store.

LONG LASTING COLOUR – for fresh salon colour for up to 6 times longer you need the Advanced Techniques Colour Protection Collection. This collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Anti-Fade UV spray and a Colour Restoring Hair Mask to lock in your colour and keep that salon perfect shine for longer keeping that little bounce in your step. Shop Now.


DIVINE SHINE – We all want that lovely shine and I can tell you how to keep it with the Advance Techniques Daily Shine Collection. This collection includes daily shine shampoo and leave in conditioner and a dry ends serum to keep that perfect shine all day long. These products contain silicone and pro-vitamin B5 for 100% shinier hair. shop now 

Healthy Repaired Locks – Our hair goes through a lot harsh weather, treatments and lots of styling so you need to make sure you treat your hair to help avoiding damage try using our advanced techniques instant repair range. This ranges product include shampoo, conditioner, restoring treatment spray, a treatment mask and rapid rescue hair serum. Our instant repair products contain keratin and avocado oil for up to 87% less breakage and damage shop now.

BOUNCY VOLUME – Everyone loves that bouncy volume ready for a night out if you love that bounce too then you should try our advanced techniques ultra volume collection with body building technology for up to 83% more volume this collection contains shampoo, conditioner and volume boosting spray for that lasting booted volume look shop now. 

SILKY HYDRATION –  The cold winter months can take its toll on your hair too so you need to keep your hair well hydrated. If you find your hair becoming dry and brittle you should try our advanced techniques silky hydration collection. These product contain argan oil and vitamin – E to keep your hair well hydrated. This set includes a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and nourishing hair serum for all your hair hydration needs shop now. 

Strong Strands – We all hate brittle hair and split ends so to help keep your luxurious locks strong you should try our advanced techniques strong strands collection. This collection contains keritin and wheat protein to help stop 95% of breakage this set contains anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner and a leave in treatment so that you can keep your split ends to a minimum – shop now



By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics

Avons Eve Perfume Collection

Avon have started a collection of per fumes with the celebrity Eva Mendez endorsing them. This selection of perfume is called the EVE collection. So far there is the eve duet dual perfume, perfect to make your own signature scent. There is also the eve discovery collection which is a set of three separate perfumes to suit every occasion.

Eve duet

Eve duet is our our first Dual ended fragrance that Avon have introduced to their customer market. The benefit of it being too lovely fragrance is that customers can mix both have to make their own do you unique perfume fragrance. Additionally customers can choose to wear the fragrances separately if they do not wish to make their own unique blend.

There is two fragrances in this perfume sensual and radiant. Eve duet sensual has fragrances from pink pepper, waterlily and patchouly. Eve duet radiance has fragrances of clementine, water Lilly and sandalwood.

Both of the fragrances in this Perfume also have their own unique body lotion to match for your perfect evening combination.

Eve discovery collection

This beautiful selection of perfume is endorsed by Eva Mendez, the same as the eve duo perfume was in previous brochures which was a massive hit with ladies everywhere. This

collection is a set of three separate Perfumes.

The first in this collection is a Avons eve elegance in the discovery collection. This perfume has sense of pomegranate Jasmine petals and amber wood for a truly Elegant scent.

The second perfume in this lovely collection is eve alluring which is a very seductive fragrance perfect for any lovely day that you have planned for your Mum to make her feel special. This perfume has scents of pink plum, neroli and Sandalwood.

The third add final fragrance in this Collection is our eve confidence. This perfume will let your bum feel like she can conquer the world. This perfume called us with scents of blackcurrant, frangipani and oakwood.



by lauren taylor

independant avon sales leader