Office perfection

Make sure you have everything you need for your day to hand and make sure you are ready for every occasion with avon.

All wants rose gold office accessories and now you can have them with our luxe collection of rose gold desk accessories. And it’s also Insta worthy.

2-1 charger cable

This rose gold phone charger is perfect for all phone types for android or iPhone. It is 100 cm in length and comes gift box at a perfect brochure price of just £6.50.

Rose gold wire grid

This on trend wire many board is a metallic rose gold colour with perfect mini clips included this also comes gift boxed at a amazing brochure price of just £10.

today’s the day – travel mug

We all need our coffee intake whilst we work ditch paper cups with this motivational travel mug quoting “today’s the day “this plastic travel mug and lid is perfect for you need.

Ombré wire notebook

Write down all your hopes and dreams and all your little note so you don’t forget with your own hombre why bro notebook in a5.

Family organiser

Keep track of everyone’s to do list with our on trend collection of rose gold stationary and be organised with this perfect family and friends 60th month family organiser. This is complete with a sticky note pad as well perfect for the every day stationary Queen.


by lauren taylor