Anew clean melting balm cleanser

For a deep cleansing and a luxurious spa like experience try anew clean melting balm cleanser for all ages. This cleanser is enriched with a luxurious tropical butter complex (mango, Shea butter, cocoa butter).

How to use

1 – massage – rub the balm your hands to transform into and oil and massage over your face and neck

2 – add water – Add water to transform their own into a milky lotion

3 – remove – remove using a muslin cloth using the circular motion

Popular questions

What is it?

This product is a luxurious highly effective and beautifully delicate cleanser.

What does it do?

It cleanses the skin of oil and make up even waterproof mascara. With prep 3x Technology it also reinforces your skins Protectaid moisture barrier and preps skin for moisturisers and treatment.

Who is it for?

This product is perfect for all skin types, It’s great for customers who may already be using premium products and want a spa like experience that leaves the skin cleansed polished and beautiful.

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By Lauren Taylor

Bigger sizes for summer shopping

We all love a good bargain, well now Avon are bringing you your bath and shower favourites for body and hair in bonus sizes perfect for your summer holidays

Shower creme –

Find your perfect shower companion in the bigger 500ml sizes from the choices of

kir royale

fruity margarita








Caribbean colada

For just £2 in brochure 13

Or choose the – active cleanse shower gel for just £1.50

Bubble bath

Drift away in summer bliss with our 1 litre bottle of raspberry and cassis bubble bath for just £2.25

Care for your hair

You may enjoy sweet and simple natural 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner naturals and aloe in the new bigger 700ml size for just £2.75

Or advanced techniques with our colour correction shampoo and conditioner for just £3.50 each for blonde and highlighted hair

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By Lauren Taylor

Avon true nutra effects ageless tri-phase elixir

Over her flat out introduced a new three in one anti ageing treatment which means youthful skin for less.

Layer one is a diversion oil layer containing all good oil to help boost skins moisture.

Layer two is a smoothing primer that helps condition your skin and lock in the moisture.

And last but not least is layer three which is a strengthening serum layer to help strengthen skins support structure.

How two in 3 steps

How to use this product in three simple steps.

Step one shake the bottle to activate all of the layers.

Step to war 3 to 5 drops between your fingers.

Stage three gently press onto the skin and massage in with your fingertips to encourage healthy blood flow.


by lauren taylor

Dream More PJs

Find your lovely comfortable pjs for those summer nights with our dream more range.

SPECTACLES owl vest pjs

These head turning PJs are a real hoot with a cool, cross back vest and comfortable cuffed bottoms.


scarlet spot lace pjs

With cross over adjustable straps and ruffle cuffed bottoms this is a perfect cute set.

frill lounge dress

ruffles decorate the straps all the way around for the perfect lounge dress.

by lauren taylor

Campaign 11 – 2018 – Showcase

Its that time again, time to see what Avon has in store in its new brochure 11. This brochure has a whole bunch of new amazing treats just for you. So take a look..

True colour finishing pearls

These true colour finishing pearls introduce a naturally flawless finnish in seconds with our first ever 5-in-1 finnishing pearls.

1 – a light dusting, soft-focus effect

2 – a flawless look that stays put

3 – tri-colour pearls for a fool proof match

4 – weightless powder for a non-cakey finish

5 – breathable, mattifying formula

antler weekend bag

This gorgeous Antler weekend bag is perfect for your holidays as a carry on or a beach bag. With a handy sleeve that fits over your suitcase handle for easy carrying and 3 compartments inside.

tabitha webb make up brush set

This roll up brush set with zebra print lining is perfect with the ability to wrap and go with an on trend tassel for super stylish storage with a textured woven outside effect. A handy mirror is on the inside that folds up to create a fuss free stand to allow you to apply your makeup anywhere and a set of 4 essential brushes inside. A fan brush, a foundation brush, a blending brush and a blusher brush.

by Lauren Taylor