Campaign 4 2018 .. must have buys !!

Time for a new Avon brochure … so lets see what brilliant deals are in campaign 4 2018 Shop Here

1 – Sunrise Alarm Clock – This new alarm clock slowly brightens over a course of 30 minuets and helps your body slowly wake up and adjust by mimicking the sunlight so you wake up feeling refreshed and energised. To wake you up this product plays calming sounds of nature so no more annoying ringing and chiming anymore. It has a built in lithium battery which provides up to 120 hours of life, however it is rechargeable using a usb cable so no more annoying battery shopping. You can get this lovely alarm clock for just £10 when you spend £7.50 or more on products in campaign 4. Its full price is £30.

2 – Gel Shine Nail Enamel – Avon’s Gel Shine Nail Enamel won 5 stars at the Avon Beauty Awards for outstanding performance and lasting shine, in fact it lasts twice as long as any other nail enamel. You get high impact colour in just one coat which is amazing no more layer after layer and you get a gel polish shine without the use of a UV lamp. All of this and it primes, protects and strengthens your nails too in a range of colours available at half price at just £3.50.


3 – Future Watch –  Avon’s first smart watch is here and it is fantastic with all of the features you could want right on your wrist. This watch allows you to receive and see notifications on the go, you can also make and answer calls without having to jumble all through your bag to find your phone. It has a touch screen display for handy use and even allows you to play music so you will never be bored. But that’s not all not only does it have all of these amazing features but it also counts your steps and monitors sleep patterns to help you keep track. It connects to your phone simply using Bluetooth. Suitable for use with Iphone and Android phones. You can get this amazing product for just £25 instead of the regular price of £55 !!


By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics

New Year … Time For A Clear Out

Its that time of year again New Year… new year new me. Its a time of year that everyone makes their new year resolutions , to join the gym, to give up smoking, to eat healthier, to get into a routine well why not make one of your new years resolutions to clear out your makeup bag and brushes.

We all have that one bottle of perfume or favourite nail varnish that we have had for what seems like years, when was the last time that you checked through your makeup bag. Well make that your new years task for your self… yes that may mean parting with that lipstick that is perfect for every outfit but its time.

If you’re not convinced that updating your makeup bag is that much of a health hazard, you’re not alone. According to a British study some women keep their make-up for up to six years after their expiry date, and 70% of women never clean their makeup brushes.  So what are the expiration dates of makeup products.


The life of your foundation depends on its ingredients. A water-based product will last up to 12 months, while oil-based foundations will make it to 18 months because oil is a natural preservative. So make sure to check your makeup box. You can extend the life span of your foundation by storing it somewhere cool and dry and always make sure to clean your brushes  this will help keep bacteria at bay. You can purchase a new foundation here


Mascaras have a much shorter expiration date due to bacteria build up as they are used on our eyelashes. If you use your mascara everyday then it will need replacing every 3 months, however if you only use your mascara occasionally then it will need replacing every 6 months. Here’s a little makeup tip for mascara too, if your mascara starts to go dry just add a couple of drops of baby oil and shake in and your favourite mascara will be making your lashes look fantastic in no time. You can purchase a new mascara here.


Lipsticks and lip gloss’s can last 12-18 months if used correctly this is because they don’t hold much bacteria. However in the hot summer months keep your colours in the fridge or somewhere cool so that the lipstick stays party perfect even in the heat. You can get your new years colours here.



By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics


Why Choose Avon

Why Choose Avon !!! 

So you find yourself asking why do so many choose to become Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders…….  

well here’s why I did it …. 

As a Mum of young children finding a job that pays the bills and gives you the flexibility that you need between the busy schedule of being a Mum.  Since I Joined Avon as a Sales Leader it has been fantastic and just what me and my family needed, I’m my own boss which is great .. turns out I think I am my best boss EVER !!   

I run my business from the comfort of my own home, its now possible to work my own hours which means no more rushing to school or having to take a day off work or finding a baby sitter when the kids have school holidays. I have an income every 3 weeks and it constantly increases which is fantastic so no more saying ‘no we can’t afford it’ when the kids ask to go somewhere fun in the school holidays which never fails to make me smile.   I have a fantastic support system within my team of Representitives and Sales Leaders so if i decide to go on holiday everything will still be running smoothly .. NO WORRYING !   


Also becoming an Avon Sales Leader gives you a sense of accomplishment as you build your own business and team, you help to support your Representatives and as each of them learn and grow their own business you get a sense of pride that you don’t often get with other jobs. There is also lots of little perks such as, discounted products perfect to treat yourself so you can relax and pamper after a long day this is also fantastic so that you can recommend the products to customers and other Representatives too. There is some amazing bonuses available at the moment, which you should take full advantage off from cash bonuses to product freebies and who doesn’t love a freebie.   

Three is so many tools available to help too from support from others in your team and your upline sales leader to a wide range of stationary and tips so you will always be prepared for any occasion.  


If you would like to embark on an Avon journey of your own please get in touch you can fill out the contact form and somebody will be in touch ASAP!  


Apply here  


By Lauren Taylor 

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics  

Avon Campaign 3 2018… Must have’s !!!

Its that time again time for a new brochure and more great offers so … what are the best buys of Avon’s campaign 3 2018.

1 – New Lipsy London Watch  – this  beautiful watch comes with 2 years guarantee and an adjustable strap. you can get your hands on this for just £7.50 with any other purchase in campaign 3  usually £30 … what a saving.

2 – Antler Cabin bag – this is the perfect bag for any weekend away or to use as hand luggage. It has a luxe patent finish with a front zipper pocket, it also has a fashionable branded plaque and internal zip pockets at  41cm x 30.5cm x 15.5cm in size. You can get this for just £15  normally £70.

3 – The New Salter  3-Tier Food Steamer – This product has 3 steamer compartments plus a rice bowl. It is made from stainless steel and plastic. 400w power and a 7L capacity with a 60 minuet timer. 20cm x 20cm x 38cm in size so will fit perfectly in any kitchen. This is a great product to have ready for the new year if you want to eat healthy this is definitely the way to go. There are many benefits of steaming your food, its super healthy as there is no cooking fat required, it locks in flavour and vitamins into your food and it is a quick mess free solution to cooking. You can get this product for just £24.95.

4 – Active Reversible gilet – This reversible thermal gilet folds into a small nylon travel bag. You can wear it in either black or Red. This is the perfect body warmer for those cold winter days to keep you nice and warm. You can get this product for just £20 usually £30.


By Lauren Taylor
Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics



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Its that time of year again where we are thankful for everything that we have, we spend time with our loved ones, give gifts and fill up on way too much food with too many drinks .

We decorate our homes with garlands, Christmas trees and may other festive decorations which for children makes the magic of Christmas come alive here is some of the fantastic range of Christmas decorations from my Online Store

These beautiful snowmen tree decorations will make the perfect touches to any family Christmas tree … and you never know if you are lucky enough to have a lovely white Christmas with your loved ones they may even inspire you to make your own and encourage may other snow day games to play with the children like snowball fights and making snow angels… but why let the kids have all the fun adults can join in too.

If your playing winter games outside don’t forget to wrap up warm with your Christmas jumpers and accessories perfect for the cold weather and the treats with this set doesn’t end there this jumper is available for adults and children… wait there’s more its also lots of fun with movable sequins you can have either a gorgeous green tree with snowflakes or a shining silver tree if you want to jazz things up a bit.

Also who can forget the gift sets and bath products the favourite present because of course it means that you don’t have to go shopping for them for the next few months. You can purchase some fantastic gift sets for him and for her on my online store  

Every family has Christmas traditions here’s some of the common favourites

  • Watching the queens speach
  • Opening 1 small present on Christmas eve
  • Playing board games as a family over the Christmas period
  • Leaving a drink and mince pie for Santa and of course a snack for his reindeer
  • Writing letters to Santa
  • Elf on the shelf is becoming a popular Christmas activity
  • Christmas meals
  • Decorating the tree together

Although our children enjoy the magic and our lovely family traditions that make Christmas what it is and why it is special as adults we want to let out hair down so make sure you are all set for your perfect Christmas night out with me. Here is some recommendations


This gift pack offers you  a perfect makeup set for your Christmas party including  True Colour Nailwear Pro+ 10ml in Naked Truth, Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Black, Wide Awake Mascara 7ml in Black, Lipstick in Sparkling Nude and mock-croc cosmetics bag. Worth £34 purchase it now for just £10 ..  here 

This Coveted Everly Cross-Body Bag is perfect to keep all your belongings in on a night out and your favourite lipstick for when you need a top up. It also has all these great features, Pewter coloured metallic snake skin effect. with flat metal stud detail on side panels and large metal plaque on closure. Chain handle with PVC shoulder section for comfort. Push lock closure.Internal zip pocket.

from me to you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


By Lauren Taylor

Independent Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics