Team meet up 11/7/19

I have decided to do some blog posts about what sort of things we do and not just the products we sell all the opportunity that you can get from Avon. So …

What did we do today !!

Today we had team area meet up there were a group of sales leaders, our BDM’s (business development managers) and our DM (divisional manager) .

We discussed what we are each going to do to benefit our business over the summer. What styles of marketing we thought were better for both recruitment and sales. If you have a preference on what you prefer then please comment below your input would be fantastic.

Following today’s meeting me and my downline Hannah Have now created QR codes For you to use to join our teams and to shop with us.

Shop with me

Join my team


What’s next ??

So now we have all gone away from the meeting to plan and how we can promote and get information across to you guys in the best way possible as well as looking into summer fairs and great ways to give each other ideas

Keep an eye out for what’s next

By lauren taylor

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