Treats for the Kids – boys & girls

What treats does Avon have for the kids ??

tablet rests

These tablet rests have a side pocket to store stylus’s and the bean bag rest is perfect for your little one to rest their tablets on while watching their favourite show or playing their favourite game.  This comes in 2 designs – FOOTBALL AND UNICORNS !!!!!!

board games

there is a lovely Disney princess version of our old favourite frustration game for 2-4 players which is also available in Disney Cars too for the boys . As well as a fun floor game for all the family.

THings to wear !!

For the girls we have a beautiful owl fleecy jumper and trousers set, princess pjs and a beautiful belle cape wrap robe.

for the boys there is a range of superhero, lego ninja and paw patrol pjs so they can save the day at bedtime.

starry nights

this mood light projector lights up your kids bedrooms on the count down to Christmas with a choice of a Christmas or a starry night scene and a digital clock included.

by lauren taylor

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