True luminous velvet lipstick

Avon have now brought out a new Avon true Lipstick. Feel your best you with a new luminous twist on Matte. This lipstick has a soft metallic finish that catches the light to flatten your alerts. You will grow with the latest Matt Matte full of luminosity.

This lipstick is available in 15 carefully had picked shade to suits every outfit, skin tone and style that you can imagine.

You will love this lipstick the cars it is so easy to apply and goes on evenly without dragging. The lipsticks creamy, velvety formula feel super comfortable. Also it will never flake, feather or bleed.

“I love a new lippy! I’ll be taking advantage of the samples to find my perfect colour. I can also use them to help my friends find their favourite shade. They are a fantastic price so if I can’t choose between two I could just buy them both! ”

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